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Epuisé / Le container arrive demain, nous avons des chances de voir des motifs similaires.

Housse de coussin jaune safran/coussin batik jaune 40cmx60cm Motif géométrique et graphique. Teinture naturelle réalisé à la main, ponpons aux angles. Lavage main ou machine basse temperature et essorage doux.  Si plusieurs achats le prix d'envoi reste pratiquement le même l'addition se fait au poids total et non par article.


These mustard yellow and white cushion covers feature a delicate pattern of straight, wavy and toothed lines executed on both faces using an ancient wax-resistance technique on cotton with a silky touch. Attached to the cushions is a set of contrasting pom-pom features for a more exotic touch. These cushions, which measure almost 20 x 40cm , can be gently machine-washed at below 30 degrees Celsius. Ideal for divans, sofas and beds as part of a scatter of cushions, they bring subtle colors into your space. The patterns of the batik are produced in small batches according to our designs, so it's wise to check on availability before sending an order. The postage can accomodate more than one cover for the same transport cost.




Housse de coussin jaune safran/motifs vagues/tissu batik handmade

12,00 €Prix
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