Cosmic Diner, Diesel Living with Seletti



Cosmic Diner is a new visionary collaboration between Diesel Living and Seletti. It consists of porcelain dinnerware, borosilicate glasses, brass and stoneware bowls, salt and pepper grinders, a vase and candlesticks – all designed to add a vintage space and cosmonaut look and feel to your home.


En détail : 


  • Caractéristiques : Présenté dans un coffret design 
  • Spaceman style vase
  • Material: porcelain
  • Dimensions: 15x11xH28.5cm
  • Astronaut design
  • Black and white tones
  • More innovative home accessories available from Seletti

Starman Vase Cosmic Diner, Diesel Living with Seletti

€90.00 Prix original
€63.00Prix promotionnel